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Parent and Player Ordering

  • When will my products ship?
    Team Shop orders will not be processed until your store closes. Most custom products are grouped together and will ship at the same time for all players (excluding full-custom batting helmets and gloves). Please reference the table below for your approximate ship times, and contact customer service with any additional questions about your order.

    APPROXIMATE SHIPPING TIMES (from day of store opening)

      • ProFusion Sublimated Jerseys
      • ProFusion Sublimated Pants
      • ProFusion Sublimated Masks
      • ProFusion Sublimated Gaiters
      • Team Decorated Jerseys
      • Team Decorated Apparel
      • Team Decorated Helmets
      • Team Decorated Bags
      • Team Decorated Batting Gloves
      • Team Decorated Evo Straps
      • Team Decorated Jerseys
      • Team Decorated Apparel
      • Team Decorated Helmets
      • Team Decorated Bags
      • Team Decorated Batting Gloves
      • Team Decorated Evo Straps
    • Non-Custom/Decorated (Stock) Product: 2 to 4 Business Days after store closure**
    • Custom Batting Gloves: Ships in 10 weeks**
    • Custom Batting Helmets 12 weeks**

    **Ships separately from custom and team decorated product, not affected by Profusion sublimation orders.

Store Setup & Design

  • How do I send the shop out to my team and their families?
    - As a coach or organization manager you will get an automatic email when your store is live with access to your shop. You can also have your parents log into their team store using the following steps:
    • Head to
    • Fill out the information and enter the code given to you by your coach
    • Open the email sent by and click on the link
    • Shop the latest products customized for your team and stock products from the best brand in baseball
  • Can I purchase team gear displaying my name and number?
    Yes! If the image on the apparel or gear has “player name” or a number on it, you will be able to input your name and number on that product.
  • Can I associate multiple email addresses with a single player?
    Yes, if you have multiple players on the roster you can toggle between players so that you can purchase required gear for multiple players.
  • Can I design a unique jersey outside of the templates offered in the customizer?
    Please contact our Wilson Team Shop customer service team and we can assist you in creating your unique jersey.
  • What is the meaning of my store’s status?
    The status of your store helps you identify where it is in the process of creation, set up and completion. A general definition of key store statuses are below:
    • Incomplete: The Store has been created, but no products have been added or target launch date set. Further action needed.
    • Team Shop Setup: You have added product to your store, but have not yet set a target launch date. Further action needed.
    • Submitted For Review: You have successfully set up your team store and submitted it to Wilson for review. This process can take up to 48 hours. After the review has been completed, you will receive an email with next steps.
    • Ready to Publish: Your team store has been reviewed, approved and is ready to publish. When you publish your store you can set the purchase window dates for your player's required products. If you edit any products after this point, you will have to resubmit for review.
    • Shop Published: Your team store is currently live and accepting orders.
    • Shop Closing: Your team store purchasing window has closed for your roster. You must review player orders before submitting to the Wilson team for final review. Players can still place orders up to 24 hours after store closes.
    • Orders Finalized: Your team's orders have been finalized and are in the process of being fulfilled and shipped.
  • Can I share my store with other coaches, players and parents for feedback prior to submitting to Wilson for review?
    Yes, within your store dashboard, you have an option to preview the store and send those links to preview an entire store or only a specific product.
  • Am I able to pay for my players uniforms?
    Yes, if you would like to, you can pay for your teams uniforms or required products in your team store. Prior to publishing your team shop live, you will be given the option to pay for your REQUIRED store products. Please select Coach Pay option and parents/players will still log on as normal to purchase their REQUIRED gear. These items will be at zero cost to the parent/player. These items will accumulate in the Coaches cart in which he will be required to pay for these items after the store shopping window closes. As a reminder, since the Coach is paying for these items, they will all ship to this one location. As a coach you can also select a bulk order store in which the coach is required to make all the uniform selections for his team.
  • Can I track who has placed an order in my shop?
    Yes, you'll be able to view all orders made in your shop to ensure that all your players have ordered their gear.
  • Is there a minimum order quantity?
    Yes, there must be nine purchases to meet minimum quantities. You'll be contacted if your Team Shop is at risk of not meeting the minimum quantities.

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